Onboarding Questions

To start the onboarding process we will need to establish an account and contact for the university with OSIsoft Academic Hub so this person will become the Lab Administrator. This role will help set up the configuration between the onsite equipment and the OSIsoft tools and be used for any news and information in the future. To insure compatibility we ask that you share information about your National Instruments configuration of your installation in advance.

About the Lab Administrator

  1. First and last name
  2. University email address
  3. University full name

An email invitation will be sent to join the OSIsoftInnovation group and get login access to the Hub.

About LabVIEW and actual Virtual Instruments

  1. What version of LabVIEW do you use? We currently support 2014 and up.
  2. Can you share with OSIsoft a copy of the LabVIEW Virtual Instrument(s) you'd like to modify for the Hub? This is required to assess how data is being acquired. Screenshots would be the second best choice. Please email files/screenshots to Hub support.
  3. How many data streams should be collected (for each experiment)?
  4. What are the collection data rates?

To proceed with onboarding, click this button: Start email, answer the questions, attach relevant files and send to OSIsoft.