With OSIsoft Academic Hub LabVIEW Toolkit, every LabVIEW VI can be easily augmented to store data on OSIsoft industrial-grade real-time data infrastructure.

OSIsoft Academic Hub provides a low-friction solution to tie together the 3 main phases of every experiments:
  • Data collection: Academic Hub only campus software footprint is the Academic Hub LabVIEW Toolkit to modify existing LabVIEW VI for ACS
  • Data Visualization: using PI Vision, a field-tested HTML5 visualization tool running on any devices down to smartphones
  • Data Access: for analysis, either through Academic Hub data portal or REST API to interface with tools like Mathlab, R and Python.

The OSIsoft Academic Hub Toolkit comes with sample Virtual Instruments (VI) like SampleSignals.vi which block diagram is shown below:

In summary, one configuration control and 3 VIs are necessary to connect a LabVIEW VI to the Academic Hub:
  • Init VI and Info Control: the sensor data configuration is extracted directly from the block diagram.
  • Collect VI: to collect and identify the data streams. Auxiliary VIs are provided to connect to other sources of data (e.g. arrays).
  • Close VI: upon completion of the application, memory resource created are reclaimed.

The associated front panel with description of data extracted from the block diagram sent to the Academic Hub:

Once archived, sensor data can then be visualized in real-time PI Vision:

MainSensorLoop results