Academic Hub Datasets

Academic Hub Datasets


Brewery Dataset (documentation link)

Deschutes Brewery, the 10th largest craft brewer in the US, kindly shares through our hub their process data. In summary this dataset has:
  • 39 fermenter vessels with status information and up to 3 temperature control zones
  • 13 bright tanks
  • Data from January 2017 up to May 2020

Campus Energy Dataset (documentation link)

UC Davis has one of the largest university smart campus monitored with OSIsoft software. One main goal leveraging this real-time data is to empower students to drive green behavior. In summary this dataset:
  • Data from 168 buildings
  • All buildings have electricty data (demand, usage, annual cost) and optionally chilled water and steam
  • Building metadata: primary usage, gross square feet, latitude/longitude, utility rate
  • Data from January 2017 up to January 2020

Hub Python Library Quickstart Notebook (Preview / Download)

This Jupyter Python notebook introduces the Academic Hub Python Library, an asset-centric and generic module to access all published datasets in the same manner. It demonstrates the sequence of steps to:
  • Login and authenticate with OCS
  • See available datasets and their assets with descriptions
  • Get the data views associated to an asset
  • Requests time-aligned and interpolated data for an asset and its metadata
For a pure Python (version >= 3.6) script running without Jupyter, click this link
Before running the script, execute: pip install ocs_academic_hub

Teaching Assistant Guidebook (TA Guidebook Link)

The TA Guidebook contains step by step instructions for setting up a course in the Academic Hub, including sections for:
  • Software and Security Requirements
  • Classroom Administration
  • Academic Hub Account Creation Workflow
  • Data Access Examples for Community Datasets
  • Guidance for Contributing Datasets to the Academic Hub